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Yin Variations offer Advance Modules.  Signature modules include Chakra Meditation, Target Practice, Yin Nidra.  

Yin variations advance modules

Yin Variations offers advance training modules internationally in US, EUROPE, and ASIA.  Yoga teachers can take each module to enhance skill, experience, and knowledge, and earn Yoga Alliance YACEP credit.  If you are looking to achieve 300-hr credit to register RYT 500-hr status, you can start by participating annual Yin Variations Teacher Training

During Yin Variations Teacher Training in 2020, one of your chosen modules will be covered in the Evening Sessions starting the Week 2 onward.  See  HOW IT WORKS.

Contact for scheduled modules and for requesting a training in your region.  



Target Practice

Target Practice is an education on verbalization skills. It begins with a review of the Yin Yoga Foundations through a method of analysis. 27-RYT hours.

Yin Nidra

Yin Nidra is a practice of Yin Yoga incorporated with Yoga NIdra method, a magical trinity of Yin Yoga, Tantric Philosophy, and Yoga Nidra, that will help shift students awareness inward. 25-RYT hours.



Deepening the practice of Chakra Meditation incorporate with Yin Practice with Bija Mantras, Bandhas and sequencing brief Chakra Meditations wishing the flow of a Yin Yoga Practice. 25-RYT hours.


Archetype Practice

Exploration of the effective guidance toward one's own variation of the Archetypes. 2 of the 7 Archetypal Asanas to analyze in-depth.through anatomical schematics, and photographs of skeletal variations. 25-50 RYT hours.

How it works



  • Yin Variations advance training is available in modules. 

  • Upon completion, each module earns course credit hours. 

  • These advanced modules take place internationally in US, EUROPE, and ASIA.  

  • Some modules require outside-class assignments to earn full Yoga Alliance credit hours required to be accredit towards 300-hr.  In that case, you are asked to submit assignments and get Evaluation from Yin Variations.

  • In Bali 2020, one of your chosen modules will be covered in the Evening Sessions starting Week 2 onward. 

  • If you have previously completed any of Advance Modules with Yin Variations, it will be credited towards the 100 hr. If you are not sure,  please inquire with your course certification ready.

  • There will be essay Assignment and Teaching assignments to be turned in for Evaluation. 

  • Evaluation Fee for the past and the future advanced modules are included in Yin Variations Teacher Training 300-hr track course fee.

  • Certificates will be sent electrically or manually upon completing additional 100-hr. 

  • If a student will not complete 100 hours after a three-year period from the date of taking Yin Variations Teacher Training 300-hr track course, credits will be null. 



Joe Barnett has been our friend and assistant for many years.  He knows the anatomical and kinesiological principles of yoga practice.  He is enthusiastic about the subject.  His friendly manner sets students at ease.  All of these qualities make Joe an excellent presenter. 


We hope that many students will have the opportunity to discover this for themselves.

Jeny Dawson of 

Zen Soul Balance


Studying with Joe provided me with clarity, inspiration, confidence and courage, both as a teacher and a practitioner. I remember my first training with Joe, I was surprised to be so fascinated in an anatomy class - not only did I understand it but I internalized it.

I enthusiastically recommend his courses to anyone who desires to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga.

Given me the confidence to host a variety of yin trainings!

Gabrielle Harris, author of 

‘The Language of Yin’


Joe is an intelligent, knowledgeable and approachable teacher. I use him as my trainer not only for his knowledge but because I trust him. Hs teaching comes from wisdom and experience. If you are thinking of doing a yin training don’t hesitate. You will love it and learn a lot from Joe.  If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to write my book. Highly recommended!

If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been able to write my book

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