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New Program of Joe Barnett.


Yin Nidra is a practice of Yin Yoga incorporated with Yoga NIdra method, a magical trinity of Yin Yoga, Tantric Philosophy, and Yoga Nidra, that will help shift students’ awareness inward. 


The essential moments in a Yin Yoga class is the brief moments after the pose when the student lies back and feels the REBOUND; meaning the feeling of energy and fluid movements throughout the body. 

REBOUND is where Yogic-Sleep state is naturally induced.  By weaving the verbally guided Nidra practice into Yin Practice, it will not only to help guide students into deeper relaxation but to shift awareness deeper inward and access the realms of their subconscious.


Joe Barnett (E-RYT 500) based in Tucson, Arizona, USA


Joe was the first assistant to Paul Grilley, the pioneer of Yin Yoga.   Over the last two decades, by contributing to systematize teacher training courses of Paul Grilley, Joe has helped over some thousand aspirational yoga teachers from all over the world in a comprehensive language and with a compassionate attitude.  Joe travels internationally to offer workshop and training under the school name of “Yin Variations”, the program that stays true to the most updated Grilley Method of Yin.

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