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JAN / 2020

THE ART OF MINDFUL LIVING and other important teachings of Buddha by Janet Lau.

 "Mindfulness is the ability to maintain an open attitude towards all kinds of experiences in our lives.  It is one of the powerful teachings from the Buddha.  Without mindfulness, we tend to grasp experiences that we treasure, push away experiences that are unpleasant, hence our state of mind is often dictated by what comes our way.  The fear of losing control causes many emotional problems such as depression and anxiety, which greatly affect our relationships and our quality of life. "

Janet Lau (E-RYT500)

Dedicated to integrating yoga, life wisdom and mindfulness practices, Janet has been teaching since 2006. Author of “Living with Yoga and Mindfulness” and  “The Darkness and Light of Life.” 

Janet holds a master degree in Buddhist studies and combines ancient yoga philosophy, Buddhism, and spirituality into her teaching.  As a guest lecturer for the Master of Buddhist Counseling program at the University of Hong Kong, a guest teacher for the Foundation Course for Teaching Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness, her teachings has touched many souls and countless families have restored love and harmony as the result.


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